About the Company

Who We Are

We’re normal folks just like you. We’re parents, spouses, and colleagues. There’s just one difference – we know a whole lot about mortgages and real estate. So that’s why we’re offering our services to you. Our company was started over a decade ago with only one purpose; to help you get the best mortgage loan. Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or an experienced homeowner, we can help you obtain the best possible mortgage for your specific situation or needs.

What We Do

Cenmark Mortgage is a National Mortgage Brokerage. That means that we have lending partnerships with countless banks and financial institutions throughout the country. We leverage those lending partnerships to your advantage. We search through our network of lending partners to find you the lowest rate and the best possible loan for you.

You no longer need to apply to countless banks and lender to shop for the best mortgage loan. You only apply once and your credit is only ran once. We take your one application and force our lending partners to compete for your business.

Best of all, this doesn’t cost you a dime. Our loans don’t have junk costs or bank fees. Our revenues are generated through our lending partners. They pay us, not you. Most importantly, our revenue is never tied to your interest rate or the terms of your loan. This allows us to focus on our main goal which is to provide the best possible mortgage loan for our clients.

Our Advantages

LOWER RATES: unlike banks and lenders, we don’t make money based on your mortgage interest rate. We simply shop for the best loan for you. We compare offers from several banks and lenders, then we present you with lowest rate and best options.

LOWER COSTS: 95% of our loans come with absolutely ZERO loan related fees. NO application fees, NO underwriting fees, NO commitment fees, NO JUNK FEES! Zero, zip, zilch…ok you get the picture.

FLEXIBILITY: None of us are exactly alike and we all have different circumstances. We take the time to understand your situation and find the program that is best suited for you. So no matter what your specific scenario is, we’re confident we can find the square hole for your square peg.